Baby Munda F1 wins Fresh Market Award 2022!

Global promotion of new products on the Polish market is our specialty. Every year we grant an award for the most innovative and interesting product of the year. This year, by the votes of Fresh Market event participants, the award goes to Hazera Poland for Baby Munda F1.

Mini pink tomato in the shape of Albenga type. It delights not only with its appearance, ease of consumption, but also with its delicate taste. The size of the fruit (50-80 g) makes it perfect as a delicious snack. Recommended way to pack 6-8 fruits per tray. “Raspberry Princessa” has won the hearts of Fresh Market B2B Meeting & Trade Show 2022 participants and has been another success story for Hazera.

– Although we had never doubted that this delicious tomato deserved the honour, it was the whole team’s effort and strategy that let the judges see the superiority of our product. Ania Burzyk, Aleksandra Solowiejko, Piotr Różanski, Sebastian Skręta and other colleagues from Hazera Poland, thank you for understanding that taking the initiative and not just waiting for opportunities is a way to go. This award is so precious to all of us because we know how close the completion was – Michał Taraska, Project Manager at Hazera Seeds

In this year edition, 6 outstanding products took part in the contest. Baby Munda F1 – Raspberry Princessa a mini raspberry tomato of the sachet type. It is distinguished by juicy flesh with mild flavor and delicate skin (Hazera Poland). Bimi® broccoli with a sweet and slightly nutty flavor. They are exceptionally juicy with a texture reminiscent of asparagus (Coregeo Ltd). Genuine Coconut Chunks a vegan and organic coconut snack that stands out in the market for its innovative packaging and remain fresh for up to 3 months (World’s Coconut Trading SL). Multistemmed cauliflower Istem® the first cauliflower variety with an edible stem. It can be eaten raw whole – both the sweet, slightly nutty rose and the tender, juicy stalk (Syngenta Vegetable Seeds). Tomato YOOM® a new variety of premium tomato with a unique dark purple color distinguished by a wonderfully balanced sweet and sour flavor (Syngenta Polska). Chrysanthemum Sollinea® a modern variety of potted chrysanthemum with flowers in a highly decorative, sunny shape and six fashionable colors(Royal Van Zanten).

Coregeo Ltd with Bimi® broccoli took the first place by votes of Fresh Market website readers.

Congratulations to the winners of the main award and online vote, as well as to all competitors!