Callaway F1 triumphs in the Fresh Market Award 2023!

Global promotion of new products on the Polish market is our specialty. Every year we grant an award for the most innovative and interesting product of the year. This year, by the votes of Fresh Market event participants, the award goes to Hazera Poland and G’s Poland for Callaway F1.

This is primarily a cabbage with a flattened head shape, standing out from standard cabbages. It has interesting culinary values. The green, appetizing color, amazing taste and it is very crunchy. The flat shape allows obtaining a larger leaf surface for preparing stuffed cabbage rolls. The crunchiness and taste gives Callaway cabbage salads a fascinating culinary experience. Callaway F1 cabbage is different, very tasty with a delicate character. Flat cabbage Callaway F1 achieved double success at Fresh Market 2023 winning both the main award based on votes from, among others, retail chain buyers, Sales Managers, suppliers, distributors and the award given by Readers of leading news service in Poland for fresh produce branch.

Apart from Callaway cabbage, there were 2 more great products in the 2023 competition:

  • 2nd place went to Apple Pomegranate Red Fruits – HPP, Cold Pressed Juice from Macè srl – Good and refreshing apple, pomegranate, and red fruit juice. Cold extracted, treated with HPP technology and made from 100 % fruit. The settled pulp is natural, we recommend shaking the bottle well before drinking. These juices should always be stored in a cold chain at max. 8°C with a shelf-life of up to 60 days.
  • 3rd place went to EARTHPACK from Cristobal Meseguer SA – Fully recyclable in the paper and board container and biodegradable in soil and sea if it escapes from the recycling circuit. This is an alternative to banned plastics for products such as tomatoes, apples, carrots, green beans, kiwis, avocados, potatoes, and onions. Earthpack can be used with or without a tray. The reinforced packaging window allows the machines to operate at high speed performance.

Congratulations to the winner and all competitors!