B2B Meeting and Trade Show Fresh Market

– organized annually in Poland since 2008, this event brings together suppliers of fruits, vegetables, and flowers with buyers from retail chains in Central and Eastern Europe

Central European Location

Fresh Market 2024 takes place in Poland, which is at the center of Europe, making it easily accessible for participants from various regions.

Pre-Event Registration Required

To facilitate meetings with retail chain buyers, it is necessary for participants to register for the event in advance. Early registration increases the likelihood of securing a meeting with the buyer of your choice.

Company and Product Information Submission

Participants are encouraged to fill out detailed forms on the event’s website, providing information about their company and offerings. This data is crucial for buyers to decide whom they wish to meet at the event.

Appointment Scheduling with Retail Chain Buyers

The appointment scheduling process begins one week before the event. The organizers will contact participants and retail buyers to arrange meetings, which are scheduled based on the date of registration. Participants will receive information about their meetings and the schedule via email.

Event Day – September 18, 2024

Upon arrival at the Mazurkas Conference Center, you are required to check in at the event reception. Provide your company’s name and participant’s surname to receive your identification badge and tickets, which will allow you access to meetings with the selected retail chains.

Three Hubs at the Event

he event features three distinct zones. The Retail Chain Hub, the Distributors Hub, and the Exhibitors Hub. In the Exhibitors Hub, you can familiarize yourself with the offerings of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and industry services.

Distributors Hub

To engage with a distributor’s representative, proceed to the area marked “Distributors Hub” and approach the designated table. A live queue system is in operation here.

Retail Chains Area

To meet with a retail chain buyer, go to the designated entry for the retail chains stands, and an assistant will guide you to your meeting.

Order of Your Meetings

The sequence of your appointments can be tracked on a large screen in the meeting hall or through a dedicated app on your phone. When it is time for your meeting, proceed to the designated entry for the retail chains stands.

Meetings with Retail Buyers

each meeting with retail chain buyers is scheduled to last about 10 minutes. Be ready to effectively present your offering – have your business cards and detailed product information on hand. If feasible, bring samples of your products for buyers to review.

Vote for Innovation

Cast your vote for the Fresh Market Award 2024 to honor this year’s most innovative product. The winners will be announced and celebrated at the day’s end, marking a highlight of the event.

We care about your comfort and well-being.

During the Fresh Market we provide breakfast, a day-long coffee break , an excellent lunch and Coctail Dinner Party!

Let’s make things happen!


Don’t miss the opportunity to attend Fresh Market 2024 – the premier event for fruit, vegetable, and flower industry professionals in Central and Eastern Europe.

Meet with key players in the industry, learn about the latest trends and innovations, and showcase your products and services to potential clients.

Join us for this exciting event and take your business to the next level. “

Fresh Market 2024 Team