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Featured companies in the Fresh Market Catalog 2022/2023

View the list of fresh fruit, vegetable, and flower suppliers and agri-food companies featured in the Fresh Market Catalog 2022/2023. You will find, amongst others, companies from Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Moldova, Greece, and Germany. You can meet representatives of the companies featured in the catalog on 21-22 April 2022 [...]

Fresh Market Catalog 2022/2023 – available now!

We are proud to present Fresh Market Catalog 2022-2023! Catalog of suppliers of fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers to retail chains in East and Central Europe. We invite you to browse through the content of the catalog, which will remind you of the well-known, reliable suppliers, as well as suggest [...]

Apolonia Supermercados – Portugal – Almancil

Apolonia Supermercados is a retail chain from Portugal, Southern Europe (UN). The company is headquartered in Almancil. The retailer has 3 stores in the country. The population of Portugal is 10256194. The average GDP per capita PPP is 32181 USD.


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