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Żabka – Retail chain – Poland – Fresh Market Conference 2019

Żabka is a chain of small and comfortable stores, responding to the needs of millions of customers every day. Through 21 years of presence on the Polish market, the company has established itself as the leader of the modern convenience segment. The idea of ​​the network is closeness and convenience to customers who have over 5.7 thousand branches can do quick shopping, take advantage of the rich package of services or eat a quick hot snack in the Żabka Café gastronomic corner.

ALC Vitalur – Retail chain – Belarus – Fresh Market Conference 2019

IT was founded in 1995 and today it occupies a leading position in the retail trade of the Republic of Belarus. The VITALUR retail chain includes 50 shops of various formats, 45 located in Minsk. During the year, it is planned to open 4 more stores. The company cooperates directly with suppliers from Spain, Netherlands, Norway, UK, Russia, Iceland, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, China, Turkey, Egypt, as well South America and Asia. The car park includes 46 trucks: 22 refrigerators and 24 isotherms. Moreover, we make international cargo transportation to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, Russia, Finland.

Varus – Retail chain – Ukraine – Fresh Market Conference 2019

The first chain store was established in 2003 in Dnipra, Ukraine. Currently, retail chain Varus includes 65 supermarkets in 13 Ukrainian cities, including Dniepra, Kiev, Zaporozhye. The co-owner of the Varus company is also the owner of the "Olvia" corporation, dealing, among agrobiznesem - growing greenhouse vegetables and selling them under the "Taste of Summer" brand.

Tavria-V – Retail chain – Ukraine – Fresh Market Conference 2019

Tavria-V is one of the most popular retail chains in Ukraine. The company has over 90 supermarkets and hypermarkets in its possession. Every day, over one million people visit shopping facilities belonging to Tavria-V. During the Fresh Market 2019, representatives of the retail network are planning to establish commercial cooperation with suppliers of fruit and vegetables

Stokrotka – Retail chain – Poland – Fresh Market Conference 2019

It is the Polish supermarket chain and food and industry markets. It is part of the Emperia Capital Group, which is co-ordinated by Emperia Holding S.A. based in Warsaw (Maxima Group). The company was founded in 1994 in Lublin. The first retail outlet of this chain started its operation in 1996. In terms of number of stores, Stokrotka is one of the largest retail chains in Poland. Today it owns more than 500 stores in Poland.


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