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The fruit and vegetable trade is marked by large fluctuations in supply and demand.

In this business no year is similar to any previous one. This requires particular effort from market participants, as decisions on purchase and sales planning are usually taken in a state of permanent uncertainty, when factors that may affect the market in the near future can never be predicted. Weather, political turmoil, COVID-19, transport problems and upcoming inflation expectations will have a major impact on the fruit and vegetable trade in Europe in the upcoming years.

Differentiating offers and diversifying suppliers will be an important task for every company in the industry this year.

Fresh Market guides and catalogs will help you in this task.

We invite you to browse through the content of the catalog, which will remind you of the well-known, reliable suppliers, as well as suggest new companies that may offer very interesting products. You can meet representatives of the companies featured in the catalog during online Fresh Market B2B meetings, to which you are warmly invited.

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