Rohlik (CZE) joins us to find new suppliers!

The Czech retail chain Rohlik is participating again in this year’s edition of the Fresh Market 2024 B2B MEETING & TRADE SHOW! Buyers responsible for fruit, vegetables and flowers will come to Poland to meet new suppliers.

Rohlik has been based in 2014 and at this moment they are the biggest online retail in the Czech Republic. Daily prepare and deliver to their customers around 24 000 orders. 70% of that are orders which were made on the day of delivery. At this moment they have three warehouses in the Czech Republic and in the following month we are going to open a fourth warehouse.

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Why participate in Fresh Market 2024?

The Fresh Market B2B MEETING & TRADE SHOW is a unique event in Europe that provides the opportunity to establish cooperation between buyers from the largest retail chains and suppliers of fresh fruit, vegetables, and flowers.

Every year, the event attracts around 20 major supermarkets, as well as over 300 representatives of farms, producers, suppliers, distributors, and importers from over 30 different countries. Our commitment to facilitating these connections sets us apart as the premier B2B trade show for the fresh produce industry.