Meet MAXIMA on Fresh Market 2022!

Maxima LT, UAB, the company that manages MAXIMA retail chain, is the largest Lithuanian capital company, as well as one of the largest taxpayers and the largest employer in the country. More than 400,000 customers visit the Maxima stores operating in Lithuania every day, where there are about 250 stores located over the country.

MAXIMA, as the largest job creator in the country (the company employs about 15,000 people), is proud to be a Lithuanian retail network. Given that various customers have different needs, there are stores of several different sizes operating in Lithuania, i.e. MAXIMA X, MAXIMA XX, MAXIMA XXX and MAXIMA XXXX. These stores are easy to find because they operate in big cities, smaller towns and district centres. MAXIMA strives to be a valuable part of the community, wherever it operates. It is a socially responsible company and is always happy to contribute to the social projects initiated by both public institutions and private initiatives. Last year, the company allocated EUR 800 thousand for social projects.

If you want to take part in Fresh Market 2022 on 22 September and meet MAXIMA as well as many others supermarkets and importers register there.