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The next participants of the autumn remote meetings sessions are Chenczke Group and Wigant S.C. Located in the heart of southern Wielkopolska, the Chenczke family farm has for many years been one of the leading Polish producers of greenhouse vegetables well-known as a supplier of top quality products. They specialize in the production of tomatoes which are cultivated using the newest technologies, such as computer-controlled climate and watering of the Grodan wool substratum. Chenczke’s tomatoes reach customers all over Europe, mainly the LIDL markets. In 2020, the company started to produce strawberries for desserts.

Wigant S.C – a professional company with great experience in the distribution of fruit and vegetables. Its goal is to pursue the perfection of customer service, complex logistics solutions, and delivery of the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. The Wigant company is communicative, eager to cooperate, and to face new challenges. Contact

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