Fresh Market with Morocco – success!

Last week on 1st and 2nd October the first remote B2B Fresh Market 2020 meetings were held this year. This two-day meeting session was closed and only Moroccan operators, buyers, importers and VIPs had access to it. Thursday we started with a short presentation about the Moroccan market and the export of fruit and vegetables provided by representatives of the FAO and Morocco Foodex. Then all present participants turned to virtual tables, where business meetings and establishing new relations and contacts took place. During these two days, over 100 people took part in the meetings! We managed to satisfy both Moroccans and buyers from retail chains, who appreciated the innovation and convenience of our solution, complimenting the opportunity to talk to whom they want, when they want and for how long they want with just one click.

The debut of Fresh Market 2020 was successful, but we can’t rest on our laurels. This week, on October 8 and 9, there will be meetings of suppliers and buyers of fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers from all over Europe. Rich in last week’s experience, we will try to bring remote meetings to an even higher level! If you want to take part in, contact us!

Fresh Market meetings with Moroccan operators were co-organized with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Morocco FOODEX and the Moroccan Ministry of Agriculture.