Fresh Market 2021 participants

During upcoming B2B meetings Fresh Market 2021, participants will be able to talk with buyers from Carrefour, Jeronimo Martins, Auchan, Intermarche, SPAR, Żabka, Stokrotka, Selgros, Chata Polska, Arhelan, Topaz, Maxima, Vitalur, Varus, Fantastico, Linella, Eurotorg.

B2B meeting Fresh Market 2021 for buyers and suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables will be held online on:

  • 16 September – meetings for fresh fruits buyers and suppliers.
  • 17 September – meetings for fresh vegetables buyers and suppliers.

Fresh Market 2021 is a closed B2B meeting for suppliers who are our advertisers, buyers from the largest retail chains, importers, and distributors. Meet buyers from the largest retail chains in one-on-one meetings and establish new business contacts.

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