Fresh Market 2021 meetings starts tomorrow!

B2B meetings between suppliers and buyers of fresh fruit and vegetables from Central and Eastern Europe at Fresh Market 2021 start tomorrow (Thursday 16 September at 10:00 AM CEST time).

  • 16 September – meetings with suppliers of fresh fruits.
  • 17 September – meetings with suppliers of fresh vegetables.


There will be a virtual venue with tables:

  1. Please take a seat at your company table, the supplier/buyer, seeing this, will sit down to you by clicking on the free chair at your table.
  2. Or please come to the selected company who takes a seat at his table and click on a free chair or “Join” at his table.
  3. Please do not sit at tables where 2 companies already talk to each other, even if there are free chairs. Meetings are held in the company-company formula and if necessary an interpreter.
  4. Please log in only from your personalized accounts. Unknown email addresses will be blocked.

In case of any technical problems please contact us: +48 603 424 346 (also WhatsApp) Google Meet or

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