Find retail chains from Montenegro

During Fresh Market meetings you can meet producers and suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables.

B2B meetings gathered buyers from retail chains such as Arhelan, Auchan, Carrefour, Chata Polska, Chorten, Delikatesy Centrum (Eurocash), Dino Market, Frac, Intermarche, Jeronimo Martins (Biedronka), Kaufland, Makro, PGS, Polo Market, Selgros, SPS Handel, Stokrotka, Spar, Żabka, Magnit, Lenta, Viktoria, Eurotorg, Gippo, Santa, Spar, ATB Market, Fozzi Group, Varus, Maxima, Rimi, Gruste, Billa, Brnenka, Profi, Aman, Linella, ICA Groupen, and many others.

The list of available retail chains and buyers is constantly changing. We don’t guarantee that we can reach a specific retail chain in a country. If you want to learn more please visit our homepage.