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Headquaters Dino Polska ul. Ostrowska 122, 63-700 Krotoszyn
Phone +48 67/725 54 00
Email sekretariat@marketdino.pl
Website https://marketdino.pl
Organizational formula Own stores
Average sales area 400 sq. m.
Assortment ~ 5000 SKU
Central magazine ul. Ostrowska 122, 63-700 Krotoszyn, Poland
Distribution centers   Krotoszyn, Jastrowie, Sieroniowice, Wolborz, Rzesztory
Investment expenditures ~ 850 M PLN (2019)
Revenue (2018) 5,38 B PLN
Net profit (2018) ~ 208 M PLN
Revenue (2019) 7,65 B PLN
Net profit (2019) 411 M PLN
Established since 1999
Employment ~ 19 K
Range Country-wide

* We send meeting requests to buyers on a regular basis. If a buyer is interested, we will arrange an online meeting for you as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee meeting with a specific buyer.

Fresh Market 2023

Fresh Market B2B Meeting and Trade Show is the most important event in the fruit, vegetable, and flower industry.

Each year more than 200 suppliers of vegetables, fruits, and flowers in one day and in one place take part in more than 1,200 personal meetings with representatives of regional and international retail chains from Europe.

Participants are also invited to online meetings with retail chains organized throughout the year.

The event is also popular amongst manufacturers of products for agribusiness, packaging for the industry, trading companies, and companies providing specialized services for agriculture.

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