Fresh Market 2020 Online

Online meeting of buyers and suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables

8-9 October 2020

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Benefits for producers and buyers of fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Meet people who are looking for you
  • Make a face-to-face contact – the most effective relationship in business
  • Find new buyers and suppliers that you need especially during COVID-19
  • Save time and money – in 2 days, without leaving your computer, you will meet with representatives of major retail chains, importers and producers – you don’t have to waste time and money on business trips;
  • Leave the event with wide range of new contacts to potential customers, suppliers and business partners;

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend the meetings?

If you are a producer or distributor of fruit, vegetables, or flowers, with experience in selling to retail chains, you are more than welcome to join our meetings.

How much does it cost to attend meetings?

Participation in B2B meetings of Fresh Market 2020 is free of charge for participants of previous years’ Fresh Market events, users of, sponsors, companies with purchased participation packages, and companies featured in the Fresh Market Guide 2020.

How to sign up for meetings?

Send an email to or fill out the contact form.

Is there a meeting limit?

Yes. We have a limited number of seats per meeting. The rule applies – first come, first served. Priority is always given to sponsors and partners of Fresh Market, companies with a subscription, and to companies featured in the Fresh Market Guide.

Who can I meet with?

With buyers from retail chains, distributors, producers, and importers of fruits and vegetables from Poland and Europe.

What is the meeting formula?

Meetings will be held via the platform for virtual meetings – Airmeet. On the day of the meeting, you will receive a link to a virtual event where you can sit at a virtual table and meet with other participants.

How long does one meeting last?

Usually, one meeting lasts until one of the participants hangs up.

Will I be able to send materials to the buyer (presentation, offer, etc.)?

Of course. You will be able to immediately send materials via chat during the meeting as well as you will be able to share your screen.

If I have never been a Fresh Market participant, how can I participate in the meetings?

If you want to become a participant in the Fresh Market 2020 B2B meetings please contact us directly.

Buyers from previous meetings

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