About B2B Meetings

The main objective of the Fresh Market B2B online meetings is to provide producers and suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables, presenting their products in Fresh Market catalogs with an opportunity to meet representatives of retail chains and wholesalers from Central and Eastern Europe.

The meetings’ formula guarantees the participants a presentation of the company and its product offerings at an individual meeting with buyers of fruit and vegetables from specific retail chains and distributors. This solution saves time, increases the effectiveness of promotional activities and gives a real opportunity to establish commercial cooperation.

Fresh Market B2B meetings have been organizing for 14 years, and they are extremely effective for fruit and veg producers and buyers.

Fresh Market B2B Meetings

How does it work?

Online meetings

Fresh Market responding to the needs of the market and adapting to the new reality is offering participants remote B2B meetings fully online!

1-to-1 talks

Every participant will receive a direct link to the virtual venue full of virtual tables where representatives from various companies are ready to talk. Everyone can simply click on a free chair and sit at the table.

Decide who you want to talk to

You could use different tactics – either to join the others by clicking on a free chair or to wait for others to join you at your table. What is fascinating and engaging – it looks and it works very similarly to a regular conference.

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